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DSL are part of the Enviro Exhaust NZ team, bringing you the latest DPF cleaning technology. Our involvement in Enviro Exhaust gives a nation-wide recovery service for DPF Recovery that is fast and very cost effective.
Our cleaning process is measurable and is validated. We show you before and after data, proving the effectiveness of the cleaning process. We are conveniently situated in the North and South Islands, saving time and cost of transport, and getting the vehicle back on the road quickly.
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We believe that as the Diesel specialists we have a responsibility to minimise the impact of diesel vehicles on the environment, and at the same time provide a cost-effective recovery and repair option for our customers. Recently we have been receiving increased numbers of inquiries about problems with DPF filter systems on their vehicle. These are very expensive to replace, so we decided to introduce an effective recovery process that was fast and very cost effective. For more information visit the Enviro Exhaust website here.
what we do

  • We use the Flash cleaner equipment proven in Europe and in many other countries.
  • We are part of the Enviro Exhaust network in New Zealand.
  • As such we have a proven method of cleaning, that is well established throughout the world.
  • We carry out a full Visual inspection of the filter before work commences.
  • We also flow test and back pressure test before cleaning commences.
  • The full cleaning and drying process is then completed in an acceptable time frame, making the DPF ready for immediate reinstallation.
  • Post clean back pressure and flow tests are carried out, verifying the effectiveness of the cleaning process.
  • We also weigh the DPF before and after the clean, to further verify the effectiveness of the clean.
  • Results are recorded, documented, and returned to the customer with the DPF.

Our process involves no cutting of the DPF housing, or baking of the filter, minimising the chance of damaging the filter.

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning request

Thank you for your request, we'll be in touch with you shortly.

Vehicle details
Diesel Particulate Filter Details
Tick the following applicable
No rattles when DPF shaken
I have left sensors in the DPF (Sensors will not be covered by warranty)
No oil is leaking from the DPF
No major damage to the DPF
We aim to provide our customers with an outstanding service and make every effort to clean your filter. The success rates for cleaning DPF's using the FLASH technology are extremely high. We can usually clean more than 99% of all filters we receive. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to clean your filter successfully.
Terms & Conditions
By completing the above detail and tick box below, you agree with the information provided and authorise the above filter(s) to be cleaning using the FLASH system. Your filter(s) will be subject to a visual inspection prior to cleaning and should any problems with the filter(s) become apparent, you will be notified.

Once your filter(s) have passed the visual inspection, they will be cleaned using the FLASH system. Once this process is complete your filter(s) will be tested and you will be issued with a condition report showing flow rate and back pressure rate.

This process may identify internal faults with your filter(s) that were not apparent when visually inspected. If a DPF becomes clogged as a result of an inadequate clean by GHTA within 6 months then GHTA will carry out a further clean on the filter in question free of charge. By ticking the agreement box with our Terms and Conditions your statutory rights will not be affected.

This T's & C's agreement box MUST be ticked by customer before cleaning can take place;
Bulk rates
We can cater for one off cleans, or bulk rates for fleet managers and large workshops.
Contact us to talk over your needs.
For more information visit the Enviro Exhaust website.